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Who we are

300 out of this world Zebra have landed on Earth looking for advocates who value their contribution to the universe

Galactic Zebra is an original collection of one-of-a-kind art pieces inspired by Earthly species who each help to make our world an amazing piece to inhabit.

The Galactic Zebra roadmap outlines the milestones along our journey. Contribute to your own thoughts through Discord  or sending us a PM

1. Art Creation

Beginning long before the site launch was art creation. Each zebra has been handcrafted by Philip Oloo using a digital medium to represent Galactic Zebras within varied earthly (or unearthly) habitats. Every zebra is unique, although they all make up a heard with social equity, invested in outcomes. The Unique Collection is now live on Opensea. Check it out here


Each Zebra in the Advocates Collection are generated at random using modern technology. This project was imagined with the knowing that our planet and fellow Earthlings rely on human advocates to help them thrive in the modern world we’ve created. In this phase we build our Advocates community through Discord, Twitter, Clubhouse, and through personal interactions.

3.Real World Utility

Zebras are alive in the real world. Before, during, and after the initial drops, we are creating valuable utility through one-of-a-kind physical art pieces and sustainable merchandise to accompany each NFT asset. Additionally, and more importantly, we will finalize our partnership with Kenyan animal centers and share our journey live from Kenya. December 2022

4. Zebras & Advocacy

As we grow, we will continue to forge partnerships with organizations who do no harm and support environmental sustainability. Developing future collections is on our roadmap featuring unique releases and alliances with proceeds benefiting Earthlings from all walks.

5. Zebra Multiverse

Once the initial drop is complete, we will explore ways to incorporate Zebras into virtual dimensions, providing further utility with complementary upgrades for first drop advocates. Imagine using your Zebra to explore web3 and metaverses as your avatar companion

The Galactic Zebra team is led by artist, entrepreneur, and Kenyan native, Philip Oloo. Hailing from the Luo tribe, Philip moved to the US in 2004 where he launched one of the first virtual reality architectural visualization firms. This project provides an opportunity to give back to his native home in Kenya and the endangered animals who inspire the world with their beauty and unique traits.







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